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These day, everyone has a camera in their pocket and can take a snap in seconds. But that doesn't mean those pictures will create the impact that your brand needs.


Our photography doesn't just capture a moment, it captures emotion.

Whatever your photography requirements, Flame can provide unrivalled images for your needs. As with our video approach, we make sure we understand every aspect of the intended use, style and content to ensure you get the results you expect.

Get in touch with us to talk about we can help you to showcase your dynamic event, share the beauty of your product, or convey the professionalism and expertise of your people.

Our photography services include:

  • Corporate Event Photography

  • Awards Presentations

  • Incentive Trip Coverage

  • Product Showcase Photography

  • At-Work Photography

  • Corporate Party

  • Workplace Portraits/Headshots

  • Architectural Photography

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